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Macha Chencheda

Image Source: Bhubaneswar Buzz

This recipe is a classic and traditional Odia fish cuisine. Whenever a marriage or a party is held, Odia people like to cook this recipe. This cuisine is prepared with a fish head and vegetables that make it both nutritious and wholesome. In lunch and dinner ideally it is served with rice. This is a very tasty meal and is produced by blending fried fish and with a few eternal Indian spices to add great taste. This recipe can be prepared with any head of fish, although most chosen fish heads are Rohu/ Rohi.

Patra Poda Macha

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Patra Poda Macha is a quite famous non-vegetative meal in Odisha, where fish is wrapped in leaves of banana then roast in the open or flaming flame. Rohi Macha Patra Poda is a wonderful and highly popular cuisine. On the other side it is nutritious and oil-free meal which is ideally served with hot steamed rice. "Chuna Machha Patrapoda" or Charred/Burnt marinated tiny fish, wrapped in banana leaf, having a sweet flavor.

Malai Chingudi

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The one common thing in Odisha is the abundance of fishes and prawns. So, if you adore seafood and feel comfortable, this is the dish which is required to enhance your taste buds. This cream curry is an Odia delicacy, served with jeera rice. The prawns are cooked in coconut milk with a variety of spices.

Macha Besara

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This fish curry variant is mustard sauce which adds certain value to it. A dry mango chunk, known as 'Ambula,' has also been added to provide tangy flavor. In the absence of Ambula, tomato can be used. This dish is wonderful and aromatic due to the robust taste of mustard and other spices.

Kankada Jhola

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Kankada Jhola or Crab Curry is best served with hot steamed rice and is among the most popular Odia seafood specialties. A classic Odia crab curry is cooked in mustard oil, and it is made even tastier with the cumin-coriander garam masala paste and added potatoes. In numerous restaurants, you may find Kankada Jhola and can also be easily cooked at home.

Mansa Tarkari

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People all over Odisha enjoy Mansa Tarkari or Mutton Curry. It is mainly the traditional goat meat curry with a large potato piece. In addition to having a major role in an Odia’s tastebuds, mutton plays an important role in the definition of a luxury quota. In weddings, if someone offers this 'breathtaking" mouthful cuisine, the flavor lasts in people's minds for some time at least.

Janhi Chingudi Posta

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Also named as Janhi Chingudi Tarkari in Odia is basically Ridge Gourd and the Prawn Curry. However, this recipe is native to Western Odisha. Many people in the village prefer adding fresh prawns collected directly from the pond/river of neighborhood. But when the water dries up in the summertime, the dry/smoked prawn form of the sun is a good replacement.

Macha Manji Bhaja

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Macha Manji or roe eggs are a seasonal treat, widely enjoyed by many people from Odisha. It normally takes very little seasoning and very little effort to prepare it. The piping hot Baras tastes extremely wonderful. Serve them together with tomato ketchup and chopped onion. It's also a terrific snack option for family, friends, and guests alike.

Macha Mahura

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It is a classic and genuine Odia dish, Macha Mahura. It is a true Odia cuisine that can be produced using either without onion and garlic called Niramisha Mahura or Amisha Mahura with fish. This finger licking dish takes approximately 30 minutes to cook. Odia food is simple and basic with the use of less spices which makes it rich in flavor and nutritious. More veggies, fewer oil and less spices. Food is prepared mostly with mustard oil.

Chingudi Dalma

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It is prepared by blending the Prawns and the veggies with dal. It is one of Odisha's widely known cuisine. Although Dalma has lots of types, the Chingudi Dalma is one of the special types of Dalma. The recipe is full of flavors and incredibly wholesome. Hot rice or chapati can be preferred alongside. In every Odia house, it's a commonly prepared dish.


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