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Best of the Natural World in Odisha

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Odisha, on the east coast of India is best known for its exquisite art, music, culture, food, ancient temple, beaches and monuments. But “India’s best kept secret” has so much more to offer! Beyond the popular tourist circles lies unexplored wilderness with a fascinating array of wildlife…

Wildlife you cannot expect to find in India’s well known, touristy safari itineraries that concentrate almost entirely on the few popular tiger reserves.

Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary is a small nature reserve bordering Bhubaneswar where doing a jeep safari can be a very relaxing experience. If lucky one can spot Asian Elephants during the drive.

Chilika lake is known for its huge number of migratory birds and an area like Mangalajodi is a must visit during the winter months. Satpada in north of Chilika lake is know for regular spotting of Irrawady Dolphins. You can also spot a variety of bird life during your boat ride into the lake area.

Coastal areas of Odisha hosts Olive Ridley turtles during their breeding and egg laying seasons. Exploring Rushikulya river mouth can give you a first hand experience about habits of these endangered species.

Astaranga is well known for its beautiful sunset, golden sand beach and having a small patch of mangrove forest. A boat ride to the Devi river mouth is highly recommended for birding & marine wildlife watching.

Mangroves of Bhitarkanika are the second largest mangrove patches found in India. Known for its huge salt water crocodile population and variety of kingfishers, Bhitarkanika offers a very different kind of nature experience. Changing landscapes due to tides bring out various wildlife and vegetation into view. Recently regular reports of Fishing and Leopard cat sightings makes this area a must-visit for any nature lover.

Jungles of Debrigarh offers the best jeep safari experience in Odisha. With a good chance to spot Leopard, Sloth Bear, Wild Dogs, Jungle Cats, Gaur and Deer, drives in the jungle will keep you on your toes. The vast expanse of Hirakud Dam's water offers a tranquil experience during the stay.

Chandipur offers an unique experience to watch the beauty of receding and approaching sea in Odisha. Exposed tidal flats during the low tide offers the best chances to look for some marine wildlife.


Odisha - Natural World in style

Day 1 Arrive in Bhubaneswar. Do afternoon safari in Chandaka. Overnight stay in Bhubaneswar.

Day 2 Leave for Puri after breakfast. In the afternoon drive to Satpada to do a boat ride for spotting Irrawady Dolphins. Overnight stay in Puri.

Day 3 Leave for Astaranga via Konark after breakfast. Afternoon boat ride in Astaranga. Stay overnight in Bhubaneswar.

Day 4 After breakfast, drive to Mangalajodi with packed lunch. Return to Bhubaneswar.

Day 5 Drive to Gopalpur with packed breakfast. Olive Ridley watching. Lunch at Gopalpur. Stay at Gopalpur for the night.

Day 6 Drive to Bhubaneswar. Overnight stay or departure from Bhubaneswar.


Best of Bhitarkanika Mangroves

Day 1 Reach Bhubaneswar. Drive to your lodge in Bhitarkanika NP

Day 2 Morning and afternoon jungle activity in Bhitarkanika NP

Day 3 Morning and afternoon jungle activity in Bhitarkanika NP

Day 4 Drive back to Bhubaneswar. En route you can opt for a visit to Ratnagiri-Udaygiri-Lalitgiri Buddhist complex. Overnight stay or departure from Bhubaneswar


Best of Birds in Chilika

Day 1 Reach Bhubaneswar. Drive to your lodge in Mangalajodi

Day 2 Morning and afternoon birding activity in Mangalajodi

Day 3 Morning and afternoon birding activity in Mangalajodi

Day 4 Morning birding activity in Mangalajodi. Drive back to Bhubaneswar

Day 5 Bhubaneswar Departure


Olive Ridey watching

Day 1 Reach Bhubaneswar. Drive to Rambha/ Gopalpur for your overnight stay

Day 2 Explore the Rushikulya Turtle nesting site and if weather permits take a boat ride into Bay of Bengal

Day 3 Drive back to Bhubaneswar


Wildlife Safari at Debrigarh

Day 1 Reach Bhubaneswar. Do a half day city tour in Bhubaneswar

Day 2 Catch an early train to Sambalpur. Drive to your lodge in Debrigarh. Afternoon jungle activity in Debrigarh.

Day 3 Morning and afternoon jungle activity in Debrigarh

Day 4 Drive to Sambalpur to catch your train to Bhubaneswar for overnight stay or departure


Chandipur - the receding sea

Day 1 Reach Bhubaneswar. Enjoy half day

tour in the city

Day 2 Drive to Ratnagiri, Udaygiri & Lalitgiri Buddhist complex. Stay at Patarajpur

Day 3 Drive to Chandipur after breakfast. Watch the receding/ approaching sea (depends on tidal activity). Spot various marine wildlife and fishing activity during low tides. Overnight stay at Chandipur.

Day 4 Drive back to Bhubaneswar

Day 5 Bhubaneswar departure

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