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Famous Festivals of Odisha

Konark Dance Festival

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In the picturesque sands of Konark, the Konark Dance Festival (KDF) has taken place unhindered since it started through 1986 in the past 32 years. A festival embracing dance, music, and art at a place where each stone tells stories. It is part of why Odisha's cultural legacy is live and flourishing. In addition to being one of the largest tourist events of the state, the festival also acts as a forum to promote the cultural depth of India for classical dancers in India. Every year from 1st to 5th December, Konark is witnessing a rise in tourists as well as art enthusiasts who want to see the oldest and most prestigious dance festivals in the state. A Crafts Mela is held during the Urban Haat at Konark Festival which compliments dance and music in the air further showcases and sells fine artworks and souvenirs by the region's experts. At Chandrabhaga Beach, Konark, during the same period famous International Sand Art Festival brings together every facet of Odisha's culture.

Puri Beach Festival

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Odisha is the perfect destination for tourists to enjoy the charm of culture, customs and festivals. The Puri Beach festival is one of the several occasions that the state ardently commemorates. The Festival takes place each year on the gorgeous sea beach showcases several cultural and exhibition events together with fashion displays, adventure sports, and exquisite food which make it a splendid Odia Spirit celebration. This celebration was held on the side of the Puri beach in November and takes five long days to the heart of travelers. The festival is also highlighted by the art, handloom and sand art exhibitions.

Mallakhamb, Kabbadi, volleyball beach are among the festival's traditional sports. Boat races are also conducted for yacht and regatta.

Rajarani Music Festival

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In front of the spectacular temple, the yearly three-day festival of music gives an unrivaled enchantment to its ambiance. The Rajarani Music Festival is planned in such a way that it becomes a forum for Indian classical music, whether it is Indian-specific sound instruments or the mellifluous kinds of vocal music produced in Hindustani, the Carnatural, the Sufi or the homemade Odissi music of our homeland. This festival is the cornerstone of spirituality and is a part of traditional music history which has helped Bhubaneswar to emerge as the top destination for classical music. Beloved classical singers like Pandit Hariprasad Chaura, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan have been honoured their graces for this occasion. The gorgeous manicured lawns, trees and pipilic lamps, pigeons from the top of the temple and a soul-filled re-enactment make it a must-see event.

Mukteswar Dance Festival

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One of the Temple City Spotlight events is the Mukteswar Dance Festival produced by Odisha Tourism. The festival is an attempt to bring Odisha's cultural legacy to the world and takes place every year between 14th - 16th January. The tournament took place for the first time in 1984 and every year after 2004. The gracious movements, the trinkets of the ghunguroos and the music symphony in the background of the splendid temple create a magical night. Classic dance experts throughout the world watch the performances performed by masters in the middle of divine conditions. In the course of the years, the festival has been attended by giants of Odissi dancing such as Sujata Mohapatra, Aruna Mohanty, Mohapatra Ratikant and Madhvi Mudgal. The romantic starlight skies on the temple grounds remind you of the magnificent cultural-historic legacy which is so skillfully immortalized in the Architecture of the Shrine of Odisha.

Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav

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Every year in February as the night swallows the city, stars descend the Pagoda of Peace to unleash a whole range of spectacles that delight the public with their overwhelming brilliance. This is jointly organized by the Odisha Dance Academy and the Department of State Culture and Tourism. The festival began in 2003 as two autonomous celebrations labeled as Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav, which was merged under a single banner in 2011. The Peace Pagoda is transformed during 3-day festivals into the star-light skies and brilliant creative features which allow the audience to enjoy the memories of the coming days. The event is a blend of classical music, choreography and folk dance that showcases India's different cultural shades. The audience can join every day from 7th - 9th February at Dhauli Pagoda from 6:30 to 9:00 PM with the lights, music and attractions. Special bus service is offered in the gorgeous setting of Dhauli fields for tourists and Bhubaneswar visitors to enjoy the festival with a luminous pagoda in the background.


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