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Tribals of Southern Odisha

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Tribes of Southern Odisha tour takes you to the scenic Rayagada and Koraput areas of Odisha where you will encounter some of the most colourful and friendly tribal population. You will explore the weekly markets and villages of various tribes to get a chance to know more about their practices and culture. Drives in the area go through some of most beautiful & inspiring landscapes. Be it a Nature lover or a keen traveller, this tour gives you the best chance to interact with the locals and enjoy relaxed moments in one of the most scenic part of the world.

Day 1 Take an overnight train on Sunday to reach Rayagada in the morning. Check in to your hotel and start for Puttasingh tribal market to watch & learn about the Lanjia Sauras. Night stay at Rayagada. (Monday)

Day 2 Drive towards Bissam Katak after breakfast. Visit Dukum market to see the Desia Kondha. Then proceed to Kotagada for the Kutia Kondha tribes. Night stay in Rayagada. (Tuesday)

Day 3 Visit the Chatikona market frequented by Dongria Kondhs and explore the rural landscape around it. Indians can take a drive to the picturesque Niyamgiri hill road. Proceed to Jeypore late in the afternoon and stay in Jeypore for the night. (Wednesday)

Day 4 Start early for the Onkudelli market frequented by Bondas and Gadabas. If you are keen, you can try some of the traditional drinks sold in the weekly market. Visit the Duduma waterfalls. Night stay in Jeypore. (Thursday)

Day 5 Drive towards Kotpad, a textile village known for making the traditional handlooms that the tribal people wear on special occasions. Visit the colourful market of Nuagaon, close to Jeypore. Time permitting you can visit the town of Koraput for the tribal museum and Jagannath Temple. (Friday)

Day 6 Visit the area around Gupteswar Temple and explore the Baligaon market. (Saturday)

Day 7 Visit the Nandapur area or take a beautiful drive to Deomali (highest point in Odisha). Proceed to Kakirigumma for overnight stay. (Sunday)

Day 8 Visit the Kakirigumma market. Proceed to Jeypore for overnight stay. You can visit the Kolab reservoir for a scenic drive. (Monday)

Day 9 Proceed to Bhubaneswar by overnight train from Koraput. (Tuesday)

* Tour starts & ends in Bhubaneswar

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** Above photographs taken by Durgesh Singh

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